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ANALISIS NOVEL "The Woman Who Disappeared"

  1. a. Title : The woman who disappeared
b. The author : Philip Prowse, Jakarta : Dian Rakyat. 1990 (59 pages)
  1. Theme : Detective. (I chose this theme because this story tells about searching of woman who disappeared.
  2. Characters and Characterization :
    1. Lenny Samuel : tall, has brown eyes and hair, attractive, a private detective.
    2. Elaine Garfield : Actually, Elaine and Helen Garfield is the same person, she is a beautiful girl, she has a blue eyes and long blonde hair, friendly.
    3. Mr. Myer : a man who was about fifty – five years old, has a grey hair and face.
    4. Jo : one of the bandit, a short man and has a red-hair.
    5. Suzy Graham : Elaine’s partner, a small and slim girl, and had a pair of beautiful brown eyes, nice girl.
    6. Bennt Greep : drummer of a band, Elaine’s boyfriend, handsome boy, and had quite long black hair.
    7. Sergeant Murphy : a policeman, bold, he was about fifty-five years old.
  3. This story begin when a beautiful woman whose name Helen Garfield come to Lenny Samuel – a private detective – and ask him to finf her sister who was disappeared since two weeks ago, Elaine Garfield. Then, she give him the adress where Elaine live and the office where she works. When he arrives to those place, there are so many cases that make him confuse. It is exactly said that Elaine Garfield was hidden herself than disappeared. He get nothing. He even get the trouble with Jo and Friend, two bandit who try to find Elaine.
The Next day, Samuel come to Myer and Myer, the place where Elaine works. He also get nothing, one – by – one people who can be the clue in this case are dead. Beginning from Benny Greep, and the porter in Elaine’s apartment. Now Samuel has a complex trouble, because a policeman Sergeant Murphy – thinking that He was killed Benny Greep and send two policeman to following wherever he go.
He starts to collect all the information that he get, and finally concluse that Elaine is not disappeared. Helen is Elaine then, he ask her to tell the truth. Helen confess she is trully Elain. She does it because want to save her life several weeks ago, she and her boyfriend Benny Greep – went to last cabanas. There, they listened conversation between Jo and his friend who was stole the jewellery. Benny suggested to steal those jewellery, and they did it. Jo and friend knew about it. They killed Benny and looked for Elaine. Elaine was so afraid. She decided to hiden herself and pretended as Helen, Elaine’s twins. Then come to Samuel and asked him to find herself at last, the policeman could catch Jo and Friend who was stole the jewellery.
  1. Message :

There are some messages in this story :
  • Don’t ever thinking to steal something, because it is wrong.
  • When we do something, we have to get ready to get the impact.
  • Do not lie to yourself even to another people.
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